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About Us

About Us

Destiny Healthcare Services is one of the UK’s leading providers of domiciliary services. We have extensive experience in providing high quality care services to individuals in their own homes. At Destiny Healthcare Services, we provide an extensive selection of high quality, flexible, responsive and cost effective in home care services for elderly, vulnerable and young clients.

Our solutions range from one hour visits for personal care and companionship, to more complex assistance including nutritional support; skin management and palliative help right through to 24 hour a day live in care. A person centred, personal service our care is all about you.

Your wishes, along with those of your family and your supporting health and social agencies, are paramount. Our aim is to empower you to enjoy your home, your independence and your inclusion in your community to the full.

With a dedicated care at home team in our business, we also cover other locations throughout the UK, we are able to offer a national service whilst maintaining local proficiency and knowledge.

More recently we have extended our services to reach particular groups of young people who have particular needs. For example, young parents and baby; and unaccompanied young asylum seekers seeking sanctuary from conflict zones.

We are finding that increasingly young people who come to the Destiny Health Care suffer from mental health problems and other health-related issues. We are therefore seeking to appoint a part-time counsellor to whom a young person can talk in confidence and who can give them some tools and strategies for overcoming the issues and concerns they face and, where necessary, direct them to more specialist support services.

More than ever, it is becoming clear that the young people we support have complex, inter-connected and wide-ranging needs – far more than simply a roof over their heads. It is important to understand and take account of the history and concerns that have led to the young people being so vulnerable, and patiently help them build the confidence and skills so that they can learn to deal with their feelings more constructively and develop the emotional intelligence we all need to make the most of our lives.

Our people put your care first

Everything we do is ‘person centred’ and tailored to the needs of our service users. At the forefront of delivering our care service, of course, is our wonderful care team.

All our staff undergoes a stringent selection process, are fully background checked and are then fully trained and supported. This includes every new employee being inducted to Common Induction standards within six weeks of joining us and then completing an NTO approved foundation level training course within six months.

We also train and manage our care team with the aim of every individual achieving:

We provide care that’s as individual as you, whether you’re choosing a home care service for yourself, for a member of your family or for a patient, here are just some of the reasons we believe you should opt for us:

  • Our care is tailored to your individual needs.
  • We offer you in-depth experience, knowledge and expertise.
  • Our wide range of options mean that you can enjoy all the help you need, from one team.
  • Our team is passionate, committed and focused on enhancing your well-being.
  • We review your care regularly so it can evolve as your life does.
  • We only recruit, train, develop and support the very best people, then carefully match your carer to you.
  • Our carers’ are respectful, reliable, encouraging and professional at all times
  • We listen, respond and proactively empower you to live a full, independent and dignified life.

Our Values

We are here to try and improve people’s lives in whatever way we can; so we always think about how we can do things better, go the extra mile, and make things possible. We are passionate about achieving better results every time and will always look to advance our existing skills and seek feedback so that we can continue to improve. We will take pride in and enjoy what we do, whilst achieving a better future for our customers and colleagues.

Our priority will always be our commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers, respecting their dignity and choices about how they want to receive care and support. We will always look at the person as a whole and what’s important to them in their life, not just their care.

Listening to our customers, staff and those we work with, enables us to tackle day-to-day challenges in a different way. By listening, asking and understanding, we will develop strong relationships built on trust and reassurance. In this way we will deliver a bespoke, person centred service that matches each customer’s needs.